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Answers For Why You’re Not Better

Answers For Complex Chronic Illness

It’s All We Do.

Drs. Wakely and Grindstaff have opened a brand new medical clinic called Aster Integrative Medicine (AIM). Having worked in the same office for 7 years, they’ve decided to work together, combining their unique skills to optimize patient outcomes and shift the health paradigm.

They have over 2 decades of combined experience helping people find answers and get solutions to their complex medical issues. It’s what they do.

AIM uses a brilliant combination of modern scientific tools and eclectic natural medicine to promote healing from the inside out.

Their patients have typically seen between 10-16 physicians before seeing them. Their main focus is helping patients who have been told, “You’re fine” when they are not.

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21827 76th Ave West Suite #201 Edmonds, WA 98026